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comment How do I properly format a request for ffmpeg to decode using a particular codec?
Make sure r3d is a supported decoded in your specific build of ffmpeg using ffmpeg -decoders. Also, googling shows there have been issues with decoding more recent versions of the R3D format. Example: cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=53575
comment Why is “localhost” slower than “” in Google Chrome - Windows 8?
This is not a dupe even if it sounds similar. I have already modified hosts file per the commonly suggested previous fix for this. I edited the question with a short video showing the issue. I am guessing the issue is either due to newer versions of Chrome or the combination of Chrome and new network handling in Windows 8. @Nick T: It doesn't make difference if I prepend http or not, and Chrome seems to strip the protocol from the URL in the address bar regardless.
comment Is there a way to disable IPv6 in Google's Chrome?
Does this still work with recent Chrome versions on Windows 7? It does not appear to work on Windows 8. If still works on Win7, then Win8 specific question posted here: superuser.com/questions/568597/…
comment Please recommend a tool to draw structs / classes and pointers
@Lipis Dia is also available on OSX via various ports: dia-installer.de/download/macosx.html