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comment Is it safe to power access point from cigarette lighter?
Automobile power is pretty dirty. How tolerant / well-protected is your device?
comment How to paste multiple Bash commands into a shell without losing some?
This reads like game of "Find me a rock"("No, that one's too big."; "No, that one's too small."; "Not that one, I don't like the color.") A more explicit problem description might get you fewer guesses and some more relevant answers you'd like better.
comment Slow OSX - how to determine the bottleneck
(See my edit..)
comment Ubuntu guest, OSX host - cannot connect guest to internet
This would be useful to add to your question, along with anything else you've learned about the issue that might help someone help you.
comment Can I upgrade my 2011 MacBook Pro with 16GB?
Likewise, Other World Computing tests Apple models for maximum memory expansion and guarantees their memory up to that amount. Start here:
comment Why do some remote desktops services not require that you setup port forwarding?
@FlashDark, what is your use-case? My first thought is Jabber is FOSS; it connects two clients who may be behind firewall / NAT routers. I don't know whether the clients then talk directly or continue through ejabberd, but you might find some useful information in that direction. Also, see what a search on peer-peer server connection returns.
comment Why do some remote desktops services not require that you setup port forwarding?
@FlashDark: In the case of Team Viewer, it's their own physical server, and I have to assume, their custom software services to handle logging me (a helper) in and letting my "clients" (helpees) know that I'm online and authenticating each of us when we try to set up a connection, etc., billing services to professional users, etc.
comment How to sort first directories then files etc… when using “ls” in Unix
Old time unix heads (the ones from the pre-GUI age) used to capitalize their folder names and make plain-file names uncapitalized to get that result automagically.
comment Mac OS X applications downloaded from Internet stuck with “circle with diagonal line” icon
I haven't seen that happen. When I do just as I described, I get one app in my Applications folder with it's proper icon showing. I could (but usually don't) drop it on the dock if I want a shortcut there. (I use 10.6; perhaps 10.7 behaves differently?)
comment CPU running at full capacity when boot to DOS?
Multi-tasking (what modern single-user desktop OSes do) and multi-programming, aka timesharing - running multiple interactive users' programs on one computer - preceded the IBM-PC and DOS by about 20 years, and on computers with considerably fewer resources. In 1980, the 5 MHz Intel 8088 had more than enough memory and speed to multi-task. 1970s-era mini-computers commonly ran laboratory experiments and were embedded in industrial equipment as controllers, and MIT's CTSS time-sharing system in the early 60s ran on an IBM 7094 clocked at 5KHz with 2 banks of 32K 36-bit words.
comment How to change time machine settings in Mac?
Once the Exclude list is open, you can also drag-and-drop a folder(s) from the finder.
comment Will I still be able to activate Windows XP after support ends?
Doesn't it ask for the product key? That would identify the product and enable them to selectively permit or deny activation. Not saying they would or wouldn't, but it seems quite feasible.
comment Can't drag and drop images from Firefox 10/11 to Finder in Mac OS X 10.6.8
Worked for me just now, FF 11.0, MacOS 10.6.8, dragging to my desktop. Will it work in a new profile? In a new user-account?
comment To speed up firefox, is disabling unwanted add-ons enough or should I remove them completely?
The answer may depend on whether you are trying to speed up initial application load, screen rendering, or something else.
comment Command line tool to print out path of an app
Not the .apps, no, but since the OP uses Xode in his example, it's worth mention for finding the accomanying command-line development tools.
comment Alias that allows to edit ~/.bashrc and then “sources” it automatically - Why it doesn't work?
Once you solve the non-returning shell issue, you may want to put an unalias -a command before the source command in the definition so any deletions you make in the editor will be reflected in the current shell's new alias set. F/ex, if you found you'd accidentally made a dangerous alias and you use your b alias to edit it out, the present definition would leave the bad alias in the current shell, waiting to bite you.
comment Is killing a process still considered bad for memory management?
Valid question; vote to reopen. The OP asked for specific information about OS (2 OSes in this case) behavior, not speculation or debate.
comment What are the small details Windows and Linux users will trip on when using OSX for the first time?
The Apple "Mighty Mouse" ( ) has a track-ball/button that both scrolls in 2 dimensions and middle-clicks.
comment Mac webcam photo application with access to camera settings (resolution, camera selection, color balance, focus)
Lack of focus control is a limitation of the iSight being a fixed-lens camera. Ditto the resolution, though iGlasses will allow you to zoom a portion of the iSight image. That's the best you can do, other than resizing on the fly (which can't change the basic resolution, but only interpolate between pixels).
comment How do you sort files in OS X Finder so folders appear at the top?
Nick Sonneveld - After more than a year, has any of these solutions worked for you?