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comment Moving Storage Spaces volumes between physical disks?
But there are cases (like mine) where that automation isn't enough, and manual volume management would needlessly throw away the abstraction layer between physical and logical volumes. LVM on the Unix side serves the same purpose, and it allows manual moves between disks. Ars Technica's article (arstechnica.com/information-technology/2012/10/…) about Storage Spaces has an another scenario: Equalizing disk usage after adding a new drive so that parity volumes don't run out of usable space.
comment What happens with Windows 8 Storage Spaces if I reinstall Windows?
I switched from Windows 8 Release Preview to RTM, and like the FAQ said, it just detected my pools and I could continue using them like nothing happened.
comment How do I save power when Idling?
Thanks, I've edited my response to note that those two are Windows 7-only.
comment DirectX on Windows 7 - older game
Thanks for the clarification, I've amended my answer.