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I'm a Ruby, Python, PHP, and Lua programmer. Most of my projects have been web-based collaboration sites to help my coworkers communicate and trade information more effectively, and lots of one-off utilities to shoehorn data into fussy systems. I'd love nothing more than to fulfill my goal of becoming a teacher (pay be damned!) and I'm working on my degree to do just that.

comment Is it possible to log out of Chrome using the command line?
It sounds like you want to avoid losing all your passwords if your computer ever gets stolen. Logging out of Chrome isn't the answer to this.
comment Reset root password of a VM
@Matthew: Which means you really aren't the target market for Ubuntu. The Ubuntu wiki has a good breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of using sudo over root.
comment How can I make the Windows VPN route selective traffic (by destination network)?
I had to uncheck the "Use default gateway on remote network" and then check "Disable class based route addition" to use my local network in the same IP range. (Local and VPN both use 192.168.1.x internally)
comment Windows Internet Connection sharing with Mobile Broadband
Due to circumstances ... and because of reasons.
comment Sharing Files on a home network
This will also require the program to support UNC addresses for data files, if I'm not mistaken?
comment Google Chrome Interferes with Copy and Paste in Excel
I have Excel 2010 and Chrome open at work just about every day, and I've never experienced any problems. Perhaps you could clarify what "acts weirdly" means in your circumstances, and what steps you have taken?
comment Are frequent reboots in a short period of time damaging my computer?
It sounds like you're probably doing testing of some sort. Why not move to using virtual machines, hosted on one OS? VirtualBox is a great solution for this.
comment Copy all text in a LibreOffice Draw drawing
I had assumed exporting as a PDF would also convert it to an image, but it does retain the text on top of the objects. Thanks!
comment Copy all text in a LibreOffice Draw drawing
Hmm, superuser keeps correcting the "draw" tag to "drawing".