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Developer for etc. (UF College of Education); core contributor to the Elgg social network framework; co-creator and maintainer of Minify; blogger since 2001.

Am typically busy pouring work into open source projects.

Profiles: GitHub, Google Code, @mrclay_org

comment Why is a desktop Java app using an old JRE?
I keep forgetting OSX apps are plain old browsable directories.
comment Always redownload a file when opening it in NetBeans IDE 6.8
In case anyone doesn't get the problem: Netbeans remote projects become completely dangerous when other users accessing the server are involved because there's no check for out-of-sync files. Eclipse's Remote System Explorer does the right thing here: check for modification before overwrite and prompt the user for what to do.
comment How can I best prepare a 3 drive Windows system for Linux?
Thanks. I want to start recording music again and the points about NTFS are helpful.