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comment Running Windows 7 VM on XP machine?
Obviously it's hard to say what's going wrong but I have run Win7 in a VM on XP using VirtualBox and it worked. However I did put a fresh install into the VM, so that might be the one difference that actually gets things to work. Windows can get a bit funny if its ideas of what the hardware looks like and the "real fake" hardware differ too much. Like specifying the wrong type of disk controller or controller mode.
comment Do new computers still come with RS-232 ports?
One thing about the USB->Serial adapters is that they don't always play well with older hardware...
comment Using several IDEs .. Virtual machine or no VM
@Shiki - I guess I should have pointed out that I tend to run a bunch of development environments (not only Windows) that way :).
comment Good text editor for OS X?
I haven't tried that one - thanks for the recommendation, I'll probably give it a spin at some point.
comment Free and easy alternatives to Ghost?
Clonezilla would've been my first recommendation also, but I doubt it meets the OP's requirement of an "Easy to use GUI".
comment Sanitizing Thunderbird 3.0
I'd have to disagree - TB3 works well for me on Windows (Mac OSX is a different story, though).
comment Skype unable to login on Windows 7 64-bit?
This seems to be the case, as the fresh installer cured the problem.
comment MacBook won't connect to the internet via airport or ethernet
I don't think it's an issue that is likely to be cured by a router reset (assuming you're using the router's DHCP server). I'd try to give the MacBook a static IP address first to see if that's working, then have a google for <your router> + DHCP to see if there are any known problems.
comment Is it possible to grow a volume in a Mac OS X partition?
As you said, the problem appears to be the ability/inability of growing an HFS+ filesystem. Oh well, new image time methinks.
comment Is it possible to grow a volume in a Mac OS X partition?
Thanks for the suggestion - this is basically the procedure that I followed and while I can grow the size of the sparsebundle, I con't grow the size of the HFS+ drive inside it with that method, at least not now that it's got data on it. Looks like I'll have to put this bundle aside (and keep it for future use just in case) and create a new one.
comment Is it possible to grow a volume in a Mac OS X partition?
I've tried to clarify my question above - basically I have resized the sparsebundle to take advantage of the bigger disks in my new server, but I don't see any way of growing max size of the volume inside it. Maybe I'm missing something and it'll do it automatically, but is there a way of doing it manually?
comment Need a non-Mac keyboard alternative for Mac users
Heh. They aren't cheap but they do seem to last a long time. I've got two of them dating back from about 2001 and they're still working fine. I expect a few more years of use out of them!
comment How safe is building a computer yourself?
@Jon, I don't find that it takes that long to build up a computer if you start with good components. A regular desktop shouldn't take much more than 1/2 hour or so. Granted, I do have some practise doing that but I don't build that many computers anymore. The part that tends to annoy me is the time spent installing software but I'd have to do that in any case. That said, the five minutes it takes to get something like an iMac from "boxed" to "working" are hard to beat.