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comment Is the performance of a CPU affected as it ages?
I think if your rise time varies much, the transistor will no longer clock properly (it won't assert its signal long enough for the next part of the circuit to latch before the trailing edge of the clock). This will lead to hard faults, not a slowdown. Your CPU will operate just as fast, it'll just give wrong answers (or flat out reset itself, or wedge solid).
comment rogue process consumes too much memory in linux
I meant the system init scripts, in /etc/init.d...
comment rogue process consumes too much memory in linux
Did you look through the init scripts to see what's starting it? That might give you a clue.
comment Which filesystems provide good support for LARGE file and directories in general?
It uses 128-bit pointers for data blocks, and it merges the block, filesystem and logical volume layers to permit filesystems to span multiple physical devices. Basically, you create "pools" of space on one or more drives, and ZFS takes care of spreading the data across them. You can add devices to a pool dynamically, so you (theoretically) won't ever run out of space.
comment How to copy from 1 computer to another computer with Linux shell commands?
If you do this regularly, you might want to look into the rsync command.
comment How can I know if a computer supports hardware-assisted virtualization before I purchase the computer?
I think this is really about all you can do. It's possible the BIOS of a particular machine might not support the CPU's virtualization features, but there's no way to discover that without hands-on access to the machine.
comment Windows 7 doesn't use all the available memory
Motherboards typically don't report more memory than they support. E.g., if it only supported 8G, it would report 8G even though he has 12G installed.