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Computers is actually one of the last things I thought I would ever be doing in my lifetime. However, in 2002 I finally opened my own DJ/Karaoke Show. Well, then I had no choice but to learn computers. Can't afford to pay to get them fixed must learn to do yourself. I have multiple live DJ's that I work on their computers, friends and family now that I work on their computers and believe it or not, now I even work on shout cast and ice cast radio host servers. I've found though that the more I learn the more I enjoy, most of the time. Ghost viruses I hate however. lol I don't know anyone who does like them though. I will be honest most work I do is virus related, installation of programs and correct installation of browsers. Browser configuration. Increasing computer speed and smoother running on systems. Compatibility of programs and OS. I love helping others with their computers. I also am familiar with several tools to remove viruses that are free so you don't have to pay to get them removed. Not sure if that's what I'm supposed to say. I also am very much a tom boy. Not your typical girl by any means. I love to shoot pool, ride Harley's, work fundraisers, watch sports, do karaoke, ride four wheelers, fish, scout deer and such.

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