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Make life a coding experience!

Now I use PHP and JS for my daytime job. I wish I had enought time to keep myself up to date and up to speed with at least JAVA.

I took part in realizing all the back end application to handle the orderds, contracts and invoices for a site that sells posta certificata per aziende.

  • Languages I love most are C++ and JAVA.
  • Languages I hate most are VB6 and VB.NET
  • Wishes: one day to see PHP becoming more OO and with also operator overloading (it's a dream).

I started coding in BASIC since I was a 10 years old kid with a Commodore 64 and Apple IIe. During University they tought me C and C++ and JAVA and I really understood how much I love to code even a simple strlen function on my own. :)

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