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comment How to make Firefox and Chromium play video in tab instead of downloading?
Browsers usually need video player plugins to stream different types of video files instead of downloading them. In Firefox, you can check if a video plugin is installed by clicking on File -> Addons and selecting "Plugins" on the left. VLC for example automatically installs one of them.
comment Connecting Single CPU for Dual (Monitors, Keyboards and Mice)
I think what he wants is a single computer which acts like multiple machines, so both monitors would display e.g. different user accounts which could be controlled via the 2 mouses / keyboards
comment How do I print unprintable web pages?
Is the page using frames? If yes, you might have to tell the browser to print the frame (rightlick -> print frame (or something like this)) instead of the whole page
comment Windows Experience Index could not be computed - disk assessment fails
Have you tried anything to solve this so far? Googling your error brings up quite a few possible solutions
comment Pointing a domain name to my home server on a port other than port 80
If the router can forward its port 8050 to your server's port 8050, you should be able to change this setting to make it forward its 80 to the server's 8050. Or am I getting you wrong? I think it would still handle requests from inside the local network itself (so show you the web interface) and just forward external requests on :80
comment How can I rip a DVD but merge/join episodes
As far as I remember, this was possible with clonedvd by slysoft (whole dvd / single track)