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comment How to use launchd to ensure an application is running?
@Hasaan: While I mostly agree with your pointing out my lack of knowledge of macs, I do not see where my possible solution failed. It does what the OP wanted, just not in the way he wanted. For your enjoyment I will refrain from posting possible solutions to future problems, unless the solution in question is what the OP wanted, to the letter.
comment What is the “Apple” key and what key is it that is depicted as part of an upper case X?
Also, for completely irrelevant and mostly uninteresting trivia, the command key is sometimes called "fornminne" in swedish, which translates roughly to "ancient monument". This is cause the "cloverleaf" symbol looks exactly like the symbol on our road signs for these monuments.
comment Increase text size in Ubuntu 10.04 due to having large resolution/monitors
I don't know if you get notifications for edits to answers, but I edited my answer to contain the corrent "path".
comment how to enable HD video acceleration for ATI card in Ubuntu?
While they don't support Xv directly, they do support OpenGL and quite a few video players can output through that. I recall ATI having issues with OpenGL video while on a composite desktop however, but that was years ago and is likely to be fixed by now.
comment Windows Vista BSOD on my desktop
Did you do anything notable before the problem started? And I'd also check the memory sticks with memtest86, for some reason I never trust microsoft software when it tells me something is broken.
comment Ubuntu from console/command-line/shell
@quack: I figured the one link per post limit was a hard limit and didn't want to step on any toes, thus I didn't put them in comments. I'm not used to communities where people have common sense. :P Links added to the answer anyway, as I had intended them to be when I wrote it.