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Press the chemise key to continue… 😈

“Hobby programmer” for a while, with lots of languages. Some graphics and game programming, but more of a “support programmer” (libraries, tools, utilities, and smaller specific-use programs).

Into hardware and electronics, but I prefer software because it’s cheaper to experiment with and fix. I’ve designed and built a couple of pieces of hardware (computer peripheral “toys”) and written drivers and software for them.

Very into programming and software security. Regularly reading texts on secure programming and always researching the latest threats and learning ways to really harden computers.

I like fixing computers (especially software), but I don’t like taking the lazy, easy way (no re-installs!) I prefer to dig in and find a way to fix the problem. I actually repair broken things, I don’t just replace them.

I’m fairly good at figuring out what people are trying to ask, even if they don’t communicate well (why I’ve been teaching since eighth grade). I try to read the whole question or comment before responding, but I’m a painfully slow reader, so occasionally I may only read part of a post and end up embarrassed. (I once posted an agreement to a comment, only to realize that the original comment was my own—could’ve been worse; I could’ve disagreed with it!)

My accept-rate is a bit low because I don’t ask questions I can fix myself. If I absolutely can’t, then I resort to asking others, but the questions I tend to ask are such that others usually have not seen/heard of/thought of/or even considered. As such, there usually are no answers to my questions at the time I ask them.

As a visual-learner myself, I often add images to my posts to make them more effective. Sometimes I take photos, sometimes I create them with software, and sometimes I find them through Google Images or WikiPedia.

My avatar is a logo I created based on an emoticon I saw and liked years ago on a now defunct game-server site. The original icon rotated and was tiny and low-res, so I made a larger, vecotrized, static version and have been using it since at least Nov.14.2002.

I’ve been asked hey bro, y u no do mod? get you POWR!. I’ve considered it, but I simply have too much to do already, so I (currently) can’t take on that kind of commitment when I know I won’t be able to do as good a job as I would demand. (I couldn’t be a mod anyway because I don’t agree with all of SE’s policies and would not be able to pretend I do and “shut up and do the job” and tow the company line.)