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Sadly, I’ve become soured by the SE network. It started great, but went downhill. Some mods are too aggressive/bias, policies are arbitrarily/capriciously/selectively applied, and some users treat the sites as MMOGs, “rep-whoring”, copying others’ work, and posting random guesses to game the system by abusing and exploiting auto-bounty assignment.

I care(d) about the integrity of the site, so I feel anywhere that allows such disreputable behavior isn’t somewhere worth staying. My OCD not withstanding, I won’t be contributing much here anymore and will find somewhere else to help people. I apologize to all of the people I would have helped here in the future.

Press the chemise key to continue… 😈

As a visual-learner, I often add images to my posts to make them more effective. Sometimes I take photos, sometimes I create them with software, sometimes I find them through Google Images or WikiPedia.

I’ve been asked hey bro, y u no b mod? get u POWR! impr0ve site. I had considered it and was even tempted to run a few times, but I just have too much to do already, so I can’t take on that kind of commitment when I know I won’t be able to do as good a job as I’d demand. Besides, as the behavior of the other mods became more and more apparent, I realized that it would be pointless.

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