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I am currently looking for a Job in London. You can contact me at bjoern dot pollex at googlemail dot com.

I believe that there is some answer to any question. It is not the task of the users here to lecture others or criticize them for laziness or stupidity. There is little educational value in sarcasm.

If a question is badly formulated, one can give advice on how to do better.

If important information is missing, one can kindly ask for it.

Someone else being unfriendly or badly mannered is no justification for being so yourself.

Before posting any question about a problem with your code, please read this (twice).

Favorite Answers

comment Securely erasing all data from a hard drive
As mentioned in a comment to the article, and in the documentation of cipher, the tool itself does not delete anything. You have to delete all data first, and then cipher will overwrite all available space with zeros and ones.
comment What does “preparing for copy” do?
If it is necessary because of the way that NTFS works, then why can xcopy do it's job without it?
comment Access Linux Samba-Share from Snow Leopard
I tried this, the problem is, it doesn't recognize the password.