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  • I am a belgian web developer working with asp.net and C# most of the time, i'm working for a belgian company called District01 (small webdevelopment company with about 15 employees, working in many areas, php/asp/html/mobile development/...)
  • Since april 2008 I also started working alot with the CMS umbraco. (open source .NET cms www.umbraco.org
  • Since about januari 2009 I also started experimenting with javascript, web applications, jQuery, ...
  • Currently end 2011 begin 2012 I rolled myself into this nifty little javascript library called Backbone.js getting to know it well, and starting to develop my first real apps.

comment How to have Sublime Text 2 show git folders and files in the sidebar?
or better, override it in your user settings!
comment Get sublime text 2 (sublimecodeintel) to parse mason
i doubt it has anything to do with CTRL+SHIFT+P, the syntax changer is something from Sublime Text itself, the plugin works with his own list of supported languages, however I'm looking for a guide on how it works with Javascript, so I am awaiting an answer on your post, to see if I can do a similar trick to make it work with Javascript :)
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