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comment Comment bundle in TextMate 2 produces errors
Uninstalling and reinstalling the "Bundle Support" bundle did the trick. (Uninstalling and reinstalling "Source", which provides the actual shortcut, didn't.) I wouldn't have tried that one without this pointer, thanks!
comment Apache 2.4 on Windows responds slowly, hangs when serving some dynamic pages
Once you have some up-votes, you'll have the reputation to move the answer into a real answer, which you should do then. (If nothing else, the upvotes will get you more reputation then.)
comment WAMP working remotely but port is removed in Wordpress
You might also try asking this on Wordpress.SE.
comment Is git-annex appropriate for my scenario?
My current organization uses submodules in just this way; it's a reasonable solution.
comment VirtualBox: VBoxManage modifyhd hosting on mac os x resize not supported
Um. No. Not no newbies. dwstein, the comment was meant to ask you to improve your question and thereby improve your chances of getting a useful answer. The FAQ is quite helpful in that regard. @JohnGardeniers, however, could have improved his comment by being more specific about which areas of the FAQ would be helpful to you. Without being able to read his mind, I'm guessing he meant the introduction, which says "Server Fault is for Information Technology Professionals needing expert answers related to managing computer systems in a professional capacity," and if so, he should have said so.
comment Properly extracting archives with Mac metadata
Also related and applicable to non-font archives.
comment Good disk use visualization for a Linux VPS?
I like David Spillet's answer but this is what I'm actually using.
comment Good disk use visualization for a Linux VPS?
This is a good technique, but the tools I'd use require either KDE or Gnome as well as X, so it won't work for this application.