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comment Generate daily system load / uptime stats
I was so afraid of having to implement a solution than downloading a the tool. Oh well, one more fun project to my list ;-)
comment Multiple web apps on a laptop friendly way
They should not be up at all times, most of them are used only 3 times a week for a short period. However at least one of them is used daily. Considering how resource intensive VirtualBox is, it seems to me like something that defeats my objectives: low cpu and no laptop sleep impact. Heroku is not alternative either since many of my apps touch/explore my local filesystem, read logs, trigger local network events... crazy hacks intended to run only on my laptop.
comment Deleting a specific URL suggestion in Chrome
I cannot believe I forgot this shortcut. Was it Command? Ctr? Opt? Combination? Well, I've just found something easier to remember: superuser.com/a/676704/35572
comment Can I set a default title for a tmux window?
your solution breaks tmux managers like tmuxinator. In that case, the tabs do not get renamed
comment Which VPN setup is iOS/Mac friendly and easy?
thanks! I already use tunnelblick and I know OpenVPN quite well. That is my current setup to access my home server. However and like I wrote in my question, Mac and iOS support L2TP / PPTP / IPSec out of the box, and it seems that OpenVPN clients for iOS must run on jailbroken devices. That's out of question if I want to preserve my Apple developer account. I would like to setup one of the supported by default protocols, but I do not know which one has a good opensource implementation with good support for a Mac server.
comment MacPorts duplicated software
@cawas You can use "port provides" to find out which port installed a file (not a folder, so just select a file within it)
comment Version control with no server installation
Thanks! But still rsync needs an installation on the server. I am looking for a solution with no root access