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comment How can I copy the word which I am typing? (without mode switch…)
See :help i_ctrl-n for more info. You may need to tune you complete option too; for me I had to strip i out of it because it's too slow with thousands of files all circularly included...
comment How can I copy the word which I am typing? (without mode switch…)
This requires dropping out of insert mode though. Using Ctrl-O before steps one and three almost get you there; using a backtick instead of the single quote will do a part-line yank.
comment vim search like in emacs
Ah, you may have <C-S> getting remapped to Save (say, you're on Windows and using the default setup). You can check your mappings by executing :map <C-S>
comment MacVim: Re-map command key combinations like <d-f>
I tried this on the current version of MacVim (7.3) and it didn't work. I ended up going into $VIMRUNTIME/menu.vim, searching for <D- and putting a && 0 at the end of the surrounding if statement. Then I copied the contents to my .gvimrc and replaced <D-[^>]*> with <nop>.
comment Service for retrieving data from old Macintosh floppies
Ok thanks, that may be the way to go... I understand that the floppies degrade over time, and I'll get what I get. Never knew about ddrescue so that's a great tip too.
comment Vim - Is Capslock on?
I find the CapsLock key so easy to hit that I remapped it to Escape. Works for me. :)
comment Dual-booting Mac OS X and Windows: any way to avoid closing all my applications in Mac OS X?
I can't speak for the OP but the reason why I would like this functionality is because I want to play a game in Windows. :) Unfortunately, merely relaunching my applications (Terminal and MacVim especially) doesn't restore them to the state that I'm looking for.
comment Are folders and filenames starting with “icon” illegal in SMB?
Folders of these names can be created from OSX. Drobo support has verified that this is a "known issue" and they stand by the assertion that it's stated in the SMB spec that this is an illegal filename, but that hasn't stopped all other Samba installations from allowing it! Apparently the next firmware will remove this restriction with the caveat that I "may experience problems." Great, thanks guys.
comment Are folders and filenames starting with “icon” illegal in SMB?
To be certain, you're creating those files from Windows Explorer? Is there any difference if you create directories instead?
comment Windows equivalent of the Linux command 'touch'?
What is this doing? Where is it documented? (Google fails to index "+,,", and the MS site is not leading me in the right direction as searching on 'copy' turns up a lot of nothing useful.) I mean, it works great and I'll take that much for granted, but I am curious.