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I'm a software engineer from Edinburgh, UK. Married with three children.

comment Converting a multi-sheet per page pdf to single sheet per page
@burrowsrjl The booklet was generated using LibreOffice, but by putting two columns on each page so it folds nicely without setting any print config -- not my set-up :).
comment SSH to server without including username in URL on Linux/Unix/Mac
FWIW, PuTTY doesn't really let the server prompt you for a username -- it's done locally, just in the terminal window where the server's output would go.
comment Can I speed up cygwin's fork?
Unfortunately, hard-coding the paths makes no appreciable difference. strace does work in Cygwin, but nothing jumps out at me when I look at the trace.
comment Can I speed up cygwin's fork?
@mpez0: Please see my updated justification. To answer your questions specifically, my basis for saying that they were slower is that they were of an older architecture with a slower clock speed, less (and slower) RAM and an older, slower disk, but still XP. Linux will almost always be faster at forking, because it uses a forking model in the kernel where Windows doesn't. I have a P3 which scores ~60 on that benchmark :).
comment Change Terminal Title in Mac OS X
Yes, it should work anywhere (with an sh-derived shell) that uses unix-y terminals.
comment Change Terminal Title in Mac OS X
Should note that there's nothing OS X specific about this -- the answer will work on pretty much any terminal.