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I'm an iOS developer, and I'm also especially interested in database programming and web development. I started programming computers as a hobby when I was a kid, beginning with Logo and progressing through BASIC, Pascal, PHP, and Scheme before coming across the nirvana that is Python. I used to be the head of the math department at an independent school here in Brooklyn, NY, where I taught mainly calculus courses and started experimenting with incorporating CS concepts into my school's math curriculum.

I come from a musical family---my father was the Principle Bassoon in the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra for almost forty years (yes, I've heard the joke about our last name, and yes, it's funny), and my uncle was a Julliard-trained cellist in the Atlanta Symphony for at least as long. I started playing the piano when I was five, and I picked up the guitar and bass at fifteen. About three years ago I started learning to play clawhammer banjo, and I can't seem to put it down. :) My main musical interests center around jazz and American folk music.

comment Reuse drive after it's been in a Drobo
Thanks for the suggestions! In fact, the drive doesn't show up in Disk Utility, so as you suggest, I'll need to correct that---do you have any thoughts as to how I can do this?
comment Install gcc on OS X Snow Leopard
It's not about the money. It's about using my personal App Store account to purchase software on a machine I don't own, which I'm reluctant to do.
comment Install gcc on OS X Snow Leopard
I don't mind spending the $5. But I don't want to use my personal Mac App Store account on a school machine. And besides, while Apple is welcome to charge whatever they want for Xcode, gcc should still be free, both as in beer and speech, no?
comment Does Safari 4 crash protection actually work for anybody?
How is the screenshot broken? Seems fine to me.
comment OS X tools to export iTunes library to mp3
+1 for the screen shots.
comment What is the closest thing to Windows notepad on the Mac?
Btw, TextEdit is built in to OS X, including Leopard. It's located in the Applications folder.