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I'm a young programmer that learned to program in C/C++ on embedded systems, but I do have some Python experience and have played with Ruby, PHP, Common Lisp, and SQL.

I hope to go into the game programming industry, primarily on consoles. By the time I graduate college, there will hopefully be new systems to play with.

comment Changing the interface language in Windows 7 Home Premium
So that's a no?
comment Why haven't file managers improved as much as browsers?
PowerShell is a programming environment, so you'll find more questions about it at Stack Overflow. stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/powershell That, and the fact that this is only a semi-public beta reduces the number of Powershell questions asked here.
comment How can I tell if can increase RAM from 2 to 4 GB on my ASUS P5B MX motherboard?
Please change the tag to "hardware". Hardward just sounds funny.
comment Transparent Command Prompt in Vista?
It should, it's just modifying the properties of a regular console window. Let me make sure... Yes, it does.
comment Version control for images
Generally I'm working with small images (~0.5KB - 500KB), but something that works well on 5MB photos would be good as well.
comment Is there any software to help me learn the Dvorak layout?
Thanks for the tip, but I'm not going to take apart my laptop so I have a different physical layout. Although, it does sound like fun to swap keys into nonsensical locations for my desktop computer so that anyone that tries to use my computer is heartily confused. I can see it now - "Why is F5 where 's' used to be?"
comment Why does Windows change the input language randomly?
It also happens on 7.
comment Does Chrome have anything similar to the search keywords in Opera?
I wish I had known about it when I actually started using Chrome - I knew it was able to perform site searches from the address bar, but I didn't know how. Then one day, I saw the "Press TAB to search..." on the right side. Don't know how I missed it. To continue with things I miss from Opera - spacial navigation, and using / to search a page (and then be able to use spacial navigation from there).