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comment How to move windows that open up offscreen?
The installer just locks up for me (on Windows 7).
comment Change default Outlook 2007 paste format to 'Keep Text Only'
Cool, but if you are going to use a 3rd party utility you might as well get one that includes that capability AND a clipboard manager, like ClipX ( or Ditto (
comment How to clone a Hard Drive to a slightly smaller Hard Drive?
I successfully used EasUS Todo Backup to copy a (spinning platter) hard drive to a much smaller (SSD) hard drive, so I am now a fan.
comment Truecrypt in place decryption. Is this possible?
Permanently Decrypt System Partition worked fine for me, my formerly-encrypted drive was bootable afterwards. However, it ONLY works for system partitions.
comment Make Notepad++ remember a particular language for a particular file?
Actually it does, if you have "Remember current session for next launch" checked (which I don't). But it forgets it when you close the file and reopen it.
comment Make Notepad++ remember a particular language for a particular file?
I have a Python app that uses .config files that are really Python files, and .NET uses .config files that are really XML files. As another example, I have markdown files that use the .txt extension because they sync with an Android app that doesn't understand what .md files are.
comment How do I disable “you need to format this disk” message in Windows Vista/7?
The commands for diskpart are: list disk / select disk # / list partition / select partition # / set id=64 / exit
comment How to properly image a truecrypt system partition?
I was able to get a truecrypted disk-to-disk copy working using Parted Magic. The Clonezilla options I used were -e2, -j2, -ql and Use Partition Table. Afterwards I had to use the Truecrypt rescue disc to restore both the boot loader AND key data. It took over 15 (!) hours to clone a 160 GB drive. I suspect that if I'd had a 500 GB drive, it would have been much, much faster to just reinstall Windows and all my software.
comment How can I increase the size of the pinned jump list in Windows 7?
Actually JumpList Launcher seems to work after all, and even better than advertised. Run JumpList Launcher. Increase the "Max. Jumplist-Items". Hit Save. Reboot your computer. Now ALL pinned lists (not just those in JumpList Launcher) have that new size. Including the start menu, which looks a little weird when it's super tall, but whatever. Good enough.
comment How can I increase the size of the pinned jump list in Windows 7?
Jumplist Launcher looked intriguing but unfortunately it too seems to be subject to the mysterious 18 item limit. There's an option to change the maximum jumplist size, but, at least on my Win7 box, it doesn't work.
comment How to turn off the “you need to format the disk… do you want to format it?” message in Windows
I was hoping to get rid of that message completely, but I guess this solution is good enough.
comment Turn off transparency for Windows 7 taskbar only
It's not the wallpaper that's the problem for me, it's when I drag a window with a white background partially below the taskbar. This seems to be something I do with great frequency, for some reason. Since windows are on top of the wallpaper, changing the wallpaper wouldn't help. ZoneTick clock is an interesting suggestion, though naturally I prefer a solution that's free.