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comment How to install KeePass on Mac OS X Mountain Lion
@Sekhemty I think this is a good answer for many people as getting Keepass to work on OSX might be pretty hard. So, I'm just offering an option here. It's easier to find a solotion as an answer than as a comment to the original post.
comment How to install KeePass on Mac OS X Mountain Lion
You could try KyPass companion, which you can get from the App Store.
comment Can I use non-ECC memory in a machine that already has some DDR2 ECC memory?
@hyperslug: I found the motherboard manual and it says: "The D1691 supports DDR-II Registered type memory modules and requires minimum two memory modules to power up the system. Unbuffered or DDR-I Memory is NOT supported." So, I guess unbuffered means non-registered?
comment How can I protect myself while using public wifi hotspots?
And make sure that the SSL certificates are valid. If accessing a known site, like Gmail gives you a notification about the certificate validity, don't go any further! It's not very hard for an evil hacker to offer you his own self-signed certificate and pretend to be the site you're trying to access.