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Highly technical and hands-on Senior Development Manager, leading an experienced software engineering and infrastructure team based in the UK and Boston.

Responsible for establishing and executing Agile Development and SQA processes whilst at the same time participating in Product Management, Project Portfolio Management, and Sales Enablement.

Recently my focus has shifted to Devops and an intensive period of working with Ruby, Chef, Packer, Vagrant and Docker has rekindled my passion for hands-on work.

Technically, my interests are in building scalable back-end systems, micro-services, reactive architectures, DDD, and working with dynamic/expressive programming languages.

comment I have started using emacs with -nw option - ctrl-home and ctrl-end don't work
Good for you @petergozz, I wanted to use Ctrl-HOME and Ctrl-END as the original question asked. Thanks for trying to help, but I have been using Emacs 20 yrs and didn't need a refresher course on line editor bindings per se. My enquiry was specifically about running Emacs in my terminal environment and the idiosyncrasies of that situation. Ctrl a << to start of line? Are you serious?
comment Quick Scroll for Firefox
Well, I cannot get this working on Linux Mint 9, but it is a nice lead. Maybe someone else with more time/persistence can get this to work.
comment How do I use tshark to extract bittorrent piece data to a file for post processing/reporting
Hmm, this could be as simple as: tshark -r input.cap -R 'bittorrent.piece.data and ip.dst_host == and ip.src_host ==' -T text