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comment Mac alias/symbolic link question
@Barjavel I ended up creating installer and generating the link with postflight script as geekosaur suggested bellow in comments. As long as I remember it didn't work out with just copying.
comment Mac alias/symbolic link question
Thanks Ignacio. I am hopelessly trying to solve the problem described in my following question stackoverflow.com/questions/5505442/… Maybe you have some idea how could I create a link to an application on desktop after installation?
comment Change Firefox 4 UI to Firefox 3 UI?
Couldn't be any easier :) Thank you so much! Also just wanted to add that in Customize Toolbar window I switched to Icons and Text to make the Reload and Stop buttons bit larger if anyone needs that.
comment Excel 2007 modify creation date/statistics
Yep, I already modified those... but it seems the new excel format also has some of that data embedded. Although I modified the attributes in filesystem, when I go to file properties in excel it has all the original dates. If I had little more time I would research the file format and modify the embedded bytes by hand in hex editor or something, but I need this in next couple of hours sigh
comment Minimum hardware to boot into BIOS
Thanks all for info and entertainment ;)
comment Blurred image recovery?
The program has horrible user interface and works slow, but does the job. Results weren't perfect but were sufficient to work with. Thanks.