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Capable of building anything from peashooters to dreadnoughts, my tinker-fu-craft spans the border between science and the fantastic. Mastered innumerable disciplines and can create enterprise software from distributed bugs and plastic glue. Constantly drive myself to ever-greater exploits. Continue to improve my technological prowess. Boost my skill at crafting technological devices and the ability to use technological devices, as well as any other craft and knowledge skills I find useful.

comment Disable OS X Enter Full Screen animation
@LauriRanta it doesn't help with moving to other spaces. Only for moving in and out of mission control.
comment Disable OS X Enter Full Screen animation
Excellent! Solves the problem of switching to other spaces perfectly. But the mission control and full-screen enter are still slow as hell.
comment Should uploading a file on DSL kill the download speed?
Many years ago I had my own bsd gateway server at home, and I graphed how this looks like: kesor.net/blah/qos
comment Running upstart jobs as unprivileged users
You can also use the group, if you need it. With --chuid daemonuser:daemongroup
comment On OS X, using Terminal, is there a way to get rid of the scroll bar?
This really does not answer the question ... and people looking to remove that stupid ugly scrollbar in terminal.app come here, and see this "just use iterm.app, its better" post that is not what people are looking for.