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comment any emacs like tool while working via SSH
Also, it's very easy to just compile yourself. I did this on one of our compute servers since the emacs we had there was old and I wanted 23.x.x. Try and d/l the sources. The install instructions are extremely straightforward and included in the README or INSTALL file (pretty much just run make in the correct directory) and voila.
comment Why do my Xcode default font starts to look ugly after some time, until I restart?
@Brad: Thanks, I just added an external monitor to my aging MBP got bit by this problem. I thought it was a problem with my MBP hardware trying to drive a high-res external monitor, but it seems that this mostly solved the issue. Have people filed a bug for this? Is there an active radar issue we should all get behind (I think we can vote for them, right?) Thanks again!