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Elected ♦ moderator on Super User in the 2011 Elections. After a period of inactivity, I stepped down from this position in 2013.

And please, feel free to call me DMA.

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comment Should I unmount a USB drive before unplugging it?
@Synetech Haven't a clue now I'm afriad, it was a long time ago now (relatively speaking) and IIRC they'd refurbished the Uni labs (inc computer replacement) in the year before I left, so the last machines I used there wouldn't be those mentioned in my comment.
comment Single HTML+CSS+JS+images file
I've no idea, I've not tried to wrap something up like this before to ever have a need to look.
comment Why have I had to disable Enhanced Halt State (C1E) for my new CPU?
@David I have had serious problems with overheating before (years ago) - so it's something I'm pretty cautious about. It's currently rare for the processor to exceed 50ºC, even under the heavier loads I impose on it (such as a long game session or multiple VMs), so I don't think that's the problem. This has been left for in excess of a year now (with no problems), maybe I need to try enabling C1E again just to see if it's still a problem (although having done nothing about it I suspect it is).
comment Hibernate from start menu without disabling hybrid sleep?
That would work. However, manually triggering a hibernation is an exceptional action for me, not something I do frequently, and so I'd rather not have to 'waste' my hardware power button by linking it to hibernation when it's I'd much prefer for it to trigger a shut down (after all, I use it for that purpose at least once a day).
comment Do multi-core CPUs still suffer from diminishing returns in today's world?
I doubt a single core is ever the right choice (just put a really slow formula into Excel...) and I think you're over-simplifying a bit. What about, for example, the Turbo Core (AMD) / Turbo Boost (Intel) feature on newer processors? It allows my hex-core AMD to park half it's cores and run the other half at a faster clock rate - and Intel's version is even more finely grained, I believe - so the processor can re-optimise on the fly for the work required of it. Does that make them a better choice? The issue can only accurately be addressed by real-world measurements and benchmarks.
comment AutoHotKey automatically closes when pressing Win+E under Administrator account
@Jack, FYI you had two separate (unregistered) accounts, which is why you were forced to 'answer' your own question instead of being able to edit/comment. I've merged the two accounts (you should consider registering to avoid this happening again) and injected your answer into the question as an edit so nothing is lost.
comment A switch and router between the printer and PC that want to print but cannot
I've converted your posts below in to real comments for you, but the reason you couldn't do this yourself is because you essentially had a different account each time you visited (which I've now merged together). Either you need to register a full account, or you need to make sure you keep cookies from this site and use the same browser each visit, or you need to use the recovery options provided on the login screen (linked in the header) each time you come back. I'd recommend registering a full account as a the most reliable (you can do so on the login link in the header).
comment How to find my Windows OS is x64 or ia64?
As far as I can see only the Server editions of Windows have an explicit version for the Itanium architecture (aka IA64), with Win7 64-bit just supporting the "usual" x64 instruction set. Are you 100% sure you've installed the 64-bit version of Windows 7? And are you 100% sure your CPU is defintely 64-bit (I've not checked if all Core 2 Duos were). Oh, and does the exe work (I'm assuming so else you'd have serious OS trouble)? If so, I'd be dubious that the software is given a valid reading, check with something else.
comment Linux mint 12: How to view/edit files in filezilla?
Glad you're sorted now then. Post re-closed. :)
comment Linux mint 12: How to view/edit files in filezilla?
Fair enough, I'll re-open the question then, but that's the sort of thing you really need to say upfront in the question, otherwise people will just answer with exactly the same thing. If you don't point out what you've already tried you will get the suggestions that don't help and it's a bit of a waste of time for you and the answerers.
comment Linux mint 12: How to view/edit files in filezilla?
You need to change the configuration of what application is used to open which file type, you should find this question covers the same ground and has an answer that should provide the help you need.
comment Symbols in Excel graphs
You're missing several quite vital pieces of information here, such as what version of Excel you're using, on what version of Windows (or other OS) and which symbols want to use. Your question is liable to be closed if you don't elaborate.
comment How to open new tab in Firefox with Shift+click
FYI, you cannot comment freely at the moment because you have a rep score of less that 50. Unfortunately, the system doesn't warn you that you can lose privileges by dishing out a bounty (if it moves you below a certain score threshold).
comment New computer build won't POST
@gatsby Super User requires a reputation score of at least 50 to get the privilege to comment everywhere (note that you can always comment on your own posts and on answers to your own questions), so get a few upvotes and commenting everywhere will be yours.
comment Find missing entries from a list of sequential numbers in a column?
This works, +1 and tick. However, a warning to all those who try to use this; the calculation are very slow on my 66000-size data set, we're talking several minutes for four cells of array formula to return to me my three missing test case numbers. Still, I'd rather drop the formula and go check my email, etc while Excel chews up a single CPU core for several minutes than do it by hand, so Win!. Also, you can (as I did) do this a cell at a time, instead of via a large range. Given the slow speed, I'd probably recommend this approach.
comment Windows 7: run graphicscard as it's run during safe-mode
Is this a desktop or laptop? If it's the former you should be able to set the BIOS to use the motherboards on-board graphics (presuming it has some) as first priority over a graphics card - although you'll then have to change where your screen is connected.
comment Does Chrome have a quick find shortcut similar to ' in Firefox?
Not quite the same. I believe is the equivalent of a / quick search in Firefox (which searches everything), what the question here wants is how to do a ' quick search (which only searches links).
comment Easy way of daemonizing in CentOS 5.4
@Saif slhck changed those words in to monospace code items - so #!/bin/bash instead of #!/bin/bash - and added paragraph divisions. The post looks visually easier to parse, I see nothing wrong with this edit.
comment What is the real memory footprint of Windows 8?
Win7 (or 8) doesn't really need a whole 2GiB, it's just that if they put 512MiB (or whatever it actually uses) on the box people would blame Windows when it ran like crap on a 512MiB machine (even thou it'd really be the user's fault for overusing the RAM). By sticking 2GiB as a spec, they ensure users can run Windows and some programs without issue if they have a min-spec machine - and for those below that level, well, they can't blame Windows so easily because they've been told they haven't got a strong enough machine.
comment My Command Prompt is disabled. How can I re-enable it?
@aristos007, to regain ownership of this question you need to register you accounts on SO and SU with the same credentials, once the accounts are linked you'll automatically own this question again.