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comment How to Clone Win7 from 512b sectors to 4096b sectors
I let Acronis wipe the partition table of the target drive, it was completely stuck until I created a dummy partition on the disk. The dummy partition was the full 640GB. When I did successfully get Acronis to execute a full disk clone (the manual settings and automatic scaling settings all failed), it reboots Windows and begins the clone, then stops, reporting "INTERNAL ERROR: Attempt to write outside partition". Have you successfully used Acronis to clone a 512b sector disk to a 4096b sector disk?
comment Remove logo and glare from Windows7 task bar
It's almost perfect. It's a shame that it's so hard to do something so simple. I wasn't able to get their "start orb" tool to hide the orb, but I did find "Start Killer" and replaced the start button with a link to a wsh script. tordex.com/startkiller/index.html