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Precision Livestock Farming - researcher.

My research and teaching handles mostly the use of technology in animal welfare research. I am interested in developing automated systems to predict animal health problems and automatically monitoring animal behavior i.e. Precision Livestock Farming (PLF). I have mostly worked with lameness in Dairy Cattle, but I am also involved in many other projects involving pigs, turkeys, horses and dogs.

I mostly use R with Rcpp or Scipy stack for data analysis, Some Matlab for some teaching and Python+C# for data collection and GUI programming.

comment Switching to Linux and Keeping Windows With VirtualBox
The last time I tried Wubi was significantly slower than native installarion + you still need to reboot to change the OS. Even if you wan't a dual boot system I suggest not to go with Wubi for any serious Linux use.
comment What version of Ubuntu to use for Desktop with 8Gb RAM?
Note though that single apps will still be limited to 4GB of memory. I haven't had any hardware problems with 64bit with my systems and e.g startup is clearly faster. I don't think there is significant difference in memory usage.
comment Command-line desktop notifications on on Ubuntu Lucid
How does this fix affect other apps?