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I am a 7+ years of XP Web Developer living and working in Lyon, France.

You can find some articles about PHP and Javascript, in french, on my blog.
I am currently writing a book about the development of PHP extensions, also in French: Développer une Extension PHP.

There is a pretty light version of my CV on Careers, and you can follow me on @pascal_martin.

comment Google Chrome is slow to localhost
You're welcome :-) Was just a wild guess, but nice to seen it worked ! (might be useful one day on another, actually ! )
comment VMWare vs VirtualBox …what I should use
By "free software", I didn't mean about price, but about license (ie, "libre" software) -- and VMWare server, used to create VM, if free (as in "costs no money") too, not only the player ; but not "libre" ;-)
comment an x86 computer platform with MANY RS232 COM ports?
@Peter : if you wait for long enough (depends on how many people are on the site, which depends on the time, the day, ...), the question might be migrated by the will of the community... (If the close-voting mecanism works OK ^^ )
comment How to install aptana in Ubuntu 8.10?
I ran into the same kind of troubles, with Eclipse freezing and all that, with a "non-sun" JVM
comment How to install aptana in Ubuntu 8.10?
Do you want it installed as a whole, or just to plug-it into an existing Eclipse installation ? Also, which version of Aptana ?