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comment Is it possible to block Ask toolbar and McAfee from installing during Java and Acrobat updates?
Thank you, I will check this out and comment back after.
comment PCIe x1 serial card suddenly stops working
We've looked into that. The last approved updates from WSUS were 12/15. The problem started between 12/20 and 12/21. The user is adamant about nothing changing. I even gave him the "come on now, you won't get in trouble" look. He's pretty honest when it comes to that type of information, so I am pretty sure nothing software changed. The computer only has 1 piece of software that autoupdates beside the OS anyway; Adobe Reader. But still, after a full format and reinstall of the computer it doesn't work.
comment Is it possible to start a second program on the Remote Desktop->Programs tab?
I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Of course there's a Windows Server 2003 R2. I can screen copy the system properties that read "Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2" if you'd like. I guess you could claim it's only 2003sp1 with an extra disk of goodies. But I'm not here to argue semantics and I am pretty sure it's not going to influence the answer. I could be wrong though.
comment How can I use Windows Explorer Search to find a file under a specific folder no matter how deep the subdirectories go?
That sounds like what I need. I'll let you know if it works after I get the demo installed and figure out how to use it.
comment Sending a mass mailing from a distribution group or contact list without listing all addresses
Will this put each individual address into the To field of each individual e-mail sent as well?