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I am a self-taught C# developer. Currently I work for WildTangent as an operations software developer.

At work I write utility tools like server log parsers and tools for testing. Not exciting, but new and interesting to me.
My current projects include learning Python and applying that knowledge to the Egg Of P'an Ku gaming table application (http://code.google.com/p/eopk).
My interests include:

  • Aikido
  • L5R
  • Sailing (SJ24)

comment UPX and .NET executables
Just a follow up. I downloaded current version (UPX 3.07, September 08, 2010) and still getting this message.
comment How do I Ban/un-ban users in Hamachi2?
I see this and will use it in the future, but the currently banned people cant be un-banned, as they are still using Hamachi (v1) and I can't see them in my networks....