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comment Win+R runs as Administrator in Windows 8
This behavior seems to have changed in Windows 8.1. If you have parameters, you can press Ctrl-Shift-Enter a second time to execute the command from the search results screen. Or press the down arrow key before hitting Ctrl-Shift-Enter.
comment Relative junctions
Copy it on the command prompt using copy /l or robocopy /sl and it'll stay a symlink. Directory symlinks look like regular directories to programs that are not symlink aware -- otherwise, they wouldn't be very useful. Windows Explorer traverses the symlinks -- and maybe your ZIP program as well.
comment Relative junctions
To create a directory symlink, use mklink /d
comment Windows 7 — Should we forget defragmentation?
@David Schwartz: The OP asked about "corrupted/incomplete VSS images meaning corrupted/incomplete restore points." Defragmentation does not cause any corruption of existing VSS images. It may, however, trigger the creation of a new snapshot -- which may cause the oldest snapshot to be deleted if you've already hit the limit on VSS disk space usage. If you absolutely must preserve the snapshot taken on the day you installed Windows, then turning off defrag will not achieve this, because just using the computer might evict the oldest snapshot. You need to move the snapshots off the disk.
comment Windows 7 — Should we forget defragmentation?
As explained in the documentation for Diskeeper: "When the VSS defragmentation option is enabled, Diskeeper uses proprietary defragmentation engines to help reduce the chance of the defragmentation operation causing new VSS snapshots from being created, thus potentially preventing older snapshots from being purged. In order to do this, the VSS defragmentation engines use more conservative file movement algorithms, which can result in slightly less thorough defragmentation of the volume."
comment Cursor lag when mouse cursor changes?
After rollback, the problem may recur because of automatic driver installation. Blocking display drivers from installing will lock down your system in the usable state:
comment Reduce remote desktop first time login delays on windows XP embedded
Sounds like some kind of timeout. Could it be a certificate issue?
comment Why is the Windows 7 system image so big?
No, because then your free space would read 631 GB instead of 739 GB. NTFS reports the actual free space -- excluding wasted space in each cluster. Fragmentation also has no effect on available free space. (Note: the OS cluster size need not be the same as the hard drive sector size, though it's more efficient if they are.)
comment How do I track changes in Powerpoint?
The Compare feature isn't as powerful as Track Changes. Word has both features; PowerPoint only has Compare. The key differences: (1) Track Changes displays the changes inline instead of separately (2) Track Changes allows you to accumulate a whole stack of changes from multiple users.
comment Using touch input to simulate mouse/digitizer input on Windows
Glad to be of help. And good to see that you've tracked down the regkey. It's interesting that the setting has no effect on IE10 in Win8 -- it's probably a side effect from rewriting the touch handler for Metro/WinRT.