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For some reason this question (from Oct 2010) has more recently been deleted but was still available on stackprinter.com. I had the accepted answer and was looking high and low for it to use as reference on another question.

comment Setting up Lynx Browser on Windows 7
This one is currently at version 2.8.3, which as the author states is 10+ years out of date. For the latest versions, see the link in Jonathan Hult's answer, or see the list of maintained Windows Binaries on the official Lynx website.
comment Notepad++ replace .|every 5th line with .}
You can also do this quite easily with a macro in NP++
comment Is there a way to root multiple Android devices at the same time?
Maybe a better fit for android.stackexchange.com ?
comment GIMP fails to load large image
What are the pixel dimensions of this image?
comment Windows 7 how to make the program name appear in the titlebar
In fact, I'd go so far as to say this has always been the case, even in the "old days" (at least Win 3.1).
comment video conferencing over lan
This question is probably better asked on softwarerecs.stackexchange.com
comment Bit.ly link without http://
Where are you copying them from? If you are copying the link from the browsers address bar then most browsers will fully qualify the URL as it is copied (although this might not be shown in the address bar itself). However, Opera allows you to show the entire URL, so you can copy just the part of the URL that you require.
comment Automate BTWiFi login using a FON account
Android? Are you using the BT Wi-fi app?
comment How does a web browser know if destination is http or https?
Interestingly I see the "http" to "https" redirect for www.paypal.com in Safari and Firefox, but not in Chrome or Opera. To me this looks like it is perhaps a special "feature" of these browsers?
comment How does a web browser know if destination is http or https?
It almost seems like paypal.com is a "special case"?! Normally, if you typed in www.example.com, the browser would request "http" on port 80. It would then be up to the website to redirect you to https (port 443), or reject the request altogether. However, with paypal, even with all caches clear, there is no redirection to "https" as far as I can see? The browser appears to cancel/change the typed request, so the very first request is for "https"! This would be a good security feature if this is indeed what is happening? Tested in Chrome Inspector.
comment How can I delete everything after the first column in Notepad++?
What do you mean by "This is not 'column based.'"? Alt+Shift+Arrow switches to "column mode".
comment Install updates
If you've set it to be "not authomatically" - why is it stating "You're set to automatically download updates" in the screenshot?
comment “Object not found” error with XAMPP
"htdocs" is normally the DOCUMENT_ROOT (that localhost refers to), so you would not normally specify this in the URL. I would expect the URL to be http://localhost/file_name.php. To be honest, if you are having to specify "htdocs" in the URL then the DocumentRoot (in your server config) is probably set incorrectly.
comment Failing CPU, PSU or Motherboard?
"could it be the CPU cause the BIOS will not load" - Does't the BIOS suggest the motherboard?
comment Internet keeps dropping. 5 different routers have failed, changed modem, etc.
Do you have any wired machines on the router/network?
comment Windows Update (windows 7 64-bit): “failed” installation is a duplicate
@Ramhound: It looks as if automatic Windows Update (the recommended option) is trying to reinstall the update. This is a known caveat with some updates on some systems. Maybe go manual and purposefully unselect the problematic update?
comment How can I get the colorize effect back to GIMP?
Which version / platform? I'm using v2.8.6 (I believe the latest version) on Windows and both Colorize and Hue-Saturation options work OK for me. "colorize button" - which "button"? Both these options are available from the "Colors menu", I'm not aware of a button? There are no options for these tools, so "This tool has no options" in the tools window is correct. However, selecting either of these tools should open a popup window with the tool's controls. My guess is that this window is perhaps appearing off your screen and the "preview" option is unchecked?
comment How host name is translated to IP Address when the DNS server is turned off?
What about simple "caching" if those systems have been previously accessed?
comment I can't reach the download speed result of speedtest
The servers that you connect to can throttle (or are themselves limited in the) speed at which data can be downloaded.
comment Firefox 29: How to get Control Menu back?
FWIW Alt+SpaceBar is the keyboard shortcut for the "Control Menu" and this seems to work whether the icon is visible or not.