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Client side/ middle tier web developer specializing in Ext-JS and connecting it to a backend while remaining server agnostic. Have programmed in C, C++, C#, Groovy, Java, ActionScript, Lingo, JavaScript, PHP.

My language of choice is JavaScript, I'm trying to use it on the server side with Node.js also.

Technologies I've worked with substantially:

  • HTML, CSS, DOM, AJAX, Ext-JS, jQuery, Google Closure Templates, Sencha touch
  • ASP, PHP, JSP, Struts, Velocity, Node.js, Kohana
  • Windows, Unix, OpenVMS, Solaris
  • Ant, make
  • XML-RPC, RESTful services
  • JSUnit, JUnit, PhpUnit, Karma, Jasmine, js-test-driver, NUnit, YUI tests
  • Selenium, Cucumber
  • Grails

Patterns Used:

  • Dependency Inversion
  • Flyweight
  • Javascript: Module Pattern, OO, Promises.

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