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comment File corruption after copying files in Windows 7 64 bit using two methods
I am also seeing the <MicrosoftPhoto:DateAcquired> change in the file contents. Note that this is not file corruption, the files are still readable, but they are being modified while being accessed. For me, this is causing big problems with file backup (since every single JPEG file is now marked as changed and has to be backed up again). The problems in your second method do look like corruption, but that may also be caused by the application used.
comment Extract frames from video and set timestamp on images
@slhck: Also, that example creates a textfile with filenames and timestamps. It doesn't assign the timestamps to the files.
comment Does iPhoto do lossless JPEG cropping?
This is my experience also. I saved a raw image as 90% JPEG, and there was noticeable (when looking at the pixel-level) quality loss. Then I repeated 20 times saving the previous JPEG as a new 90% JPEG. The final JPEG had extremely little change compared to the original JPEG, and far less quality loss than saving as JPEG in the first place. So to conclude, if you start saving as JPEG anyway, then don't worry about resaving in the same quality level.