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I do software engineering at a civil engineering firm. I work with C#, JavaScript, SQL, and some Wolfram Language, along with respective libraries/frameworks/platforms/tools like Windows Forms, ASP.NET Web API, AngularJS, Lo-Dash, Google Maps JavaScript API v3, SQL Server, Access, Mathematica, Visual Studio, etc.

I have a hobby-level interest in graph theory, boosted somewhat by a little bit of coursework back in the olden days of college. At one point, as a junior or thereabouts, I thought I'd designed an algorithm that solved the maximum clique problem in polynomial time! As you might expect, I was really, really wrong. One of my professors gave me a hint, and I later found out why my proposed algorithm was incorrect. It was a great learning experience. Since then, whenever my mind wanders to NP-completeness (which it does regularly, if not frequently), and I either read about or <gulp /> invent an algorithm to solve an NP-hard problem in polynomial time, I try to find out exactly why the algorithm fails and connect that with the overall conceptual failure---and lesson. It's really educational and is pretty cost-effective for developing deeper knowledge in a significantly-less-than-part-time hobby. (Come to think of it, this would be a great idea for a blog. If I had more time...)

I enjoy boardgames, usually on the hex-map & CRT simulation-y end of the spectrum despite not playing those that much. The very vast majority of my lifetime boardgame-playing hours have been spent as a victorious Roman player in Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage. One of these years, my brother will manage to implement an effective Carthaginian strategy... perhaps after he lets me play as the Carthaginians to show him ;-)

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