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I am a senior recovery engineer for enterprise storage systems. The team I'm on deals with complex problems and long term recovery solutions in varied and complex environments. What this means is that the average issue deals with data inaccessibility and/or loss and requires immediate attention and relief of symptoms often times followed by long term actions plans in order to mitigate further issues and bring the environment back to a healthy state. I work directly between support and post release in order to manage escalations and provide time-sensitive results to code issues.

While my specialization is in networking (TCP/IP,pcap analysis, infiniband, DNS, etc), I also utilize skills in file system management (ntfs/*nix/mixed perms, corruption, data layout), authentication and directory services (NIS/LDAP/AD), hardware diagnostics, custom scripting (Bash/Perl/Python), log file analysis, C code debugging, backup and restore and statistical analysis.

I tinker with Bash, VB.net, Python, Perl, Autoit, C and and SQL in my spare time.
I used to be a Telecommunications Specialist (VoIP, Data, Infrastructure).
My degree is in Classical Numismatics and Archaeology.

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