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In The Beginning Was The d20. Daniel is a long-time computing geek who spends his days spreading this good word. Interests include painting, medieval swordsmanship, and every conceivable form of game design.

comment What is the danger of inserting and browsing an untrusted USB drive?
@EM Could happen - recent versions of explorer might, for example, construct thumbnails in sub-folders for pretty folder icons at the root, even if those subfolders are set never to show thumbnails.
comment Windows 7 system reserved drive autorun popup
@Gary: The trouble with Safe mode is that the average PC now runs so much background software that narrowing it down can be hours of work. I don't blame you for not going there first; neither did I.
comment Can the pad and stylus product achieve every mouse action?
@BukHix makes an important point here: it takes a little getting used to. Don't just try a stylus for five minutes; everything's clumsier at first as you adjust your whole way of working.
comment Unable to save drafts or send emails from Thunderbird under one XP login
Update: Problem solved. You were on the right lines and gave me the idea to check, so I'm accepting this answer.
comment Unable to save drafts or send emails from Thunderbird under one XP login
Yes. (They're in the usual Thunderbird XP default location: \Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles). File read/write from that user ID works normally. User ID has admin access. (Email is received and saved normally, just not sent.)