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comment Unexplained password prompt on Windows 8.1 Pro, SharePoint?
groove is not listed for startup. I checked services.msc but saw nothing hinting at groove or OneDrive
comment Unexplained password prompt on Windows 8.1 Pro, SharePoint?
Interesting, I do have OneDrive 2013 for Business that I think came with Office 365. I've been trying to eradicate it but apparently this isn't possible so it's just disabled everywhere I can find it. I looked at the list of known networks using the method here… and there are two / one with two names that I don't recognise: "volume1" and "". All other networks look familiar, however I see nothing with the name SharePoint
comment Syncing folders outside Dropbox using Symbolic Links and Junctions
I'm having trouble finding guides on how to do this. I don't want to go messing around with my C:\Users\ME\Documents folder unless I have some tips on how to avoid catastrophe. Can anyone provide a useful link?
comment How do I get the Windows 7 Firewall to prompt me whether to allow or deny a new connection?
Comodo has a free version which is great (the free part) but it's not perfect. I've never had security problems with it but for ravaging CPU and conflicting with other very popular AV (AVG & Avast) it can be a pain
comment Windows 7 PPTP VPN can ping and HTTP to servers but not Windows Explorer
Yes it's depressing but this was the answer. I went straight past the firewall when trying to figure this one out because it seemed so ridiculous that it would be the problem. Make this #2 on the list of stupid things that AVG firewall does by default (#1 was blocking all outbound VPN connections)