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I'm a ♦ moderator on Super User and research Quality of Experience for video and multimedia applications. I'm also a software developer with a focus on web stuff.

If you have any questions about moderation, feel free to ping me in the Ask a Super User moderator chat room. For everything else, don't hesitate to write me a mail to slhck at me.com.

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revised What is the best way to reencode a video with Xvid?
add image for handbrake; change link to old ffmpeg howto, to Super User blog
comment How to convert a video file to XVID format?
Would be good if you could be more specific as to how to install the codecs (which ones?), addins (which ones?), and then perform the actual conversion.
comment OS X in a virtual machine on Windows
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about virtualizing OS X under non-Apple hardware, which is unsupported and against the EULA. Chances are it will not work. You might find help on this on Hackintosh forums though.
revised What are the differences between H.264 Profiles?
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comment What are the differences between H.264 Profiles?
Not everybody has a recent smartphone. Android still recommends to use the Baseline profile. The same goes for iOS. Of course, some (most new) devices support higher profiles, but if you want to stay compatible with low end hardware, you'll have to choose that. But I edited my answer to reflect what you're saying.
comment How do I view AVI file that requires GTCC codec?
Some information here: moviecodec.com/video-codecs/fourcc-gtcc-codec-1184
revised Excel 2011 Mac auto-recover file lost
abbreviate path so that people don't literally search for "username"
revised Where are my Office 2011 AutoRecovery files?
add relevant link and quotes
comment Where are my Office 2011 AutoRecovery files?
Have you changed username to your actual short name, e.g. johann? Or even better, try ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office/Office 2011 AutoRecovery
comment Microsoft account privacy
Yes, they do track activity, as described in the privacy statements I linked above, and basically to the effect of @paradroid's comment. But it'd be too long to list everything they store here (hence the reason for putting this question on hold). And anything that is not mentioned in the privacy statements will not be tracked—at least not officially.
comment Microsoft account privacy
Well, this is unfortunately even a little more unspecific… I mean, they either claim they do (which would be in the privacy statements you read), or they don't—and in the latter case you probably couldn't prove if they really did. So the only plausible answer would be, "they might".
comment How do I artificially increase the latency for a device in my network?
Depends. What network hardware do you have?
revised How do I artificially increase the latency for a device in my network?
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comment From a main home switch can i connect different applications/connections?
Welcome to Super User, Kerry! Your question as it stands is a little too broad. You're asking several questions at once, and some are not answerable. The basic setup looks fine, but we can't tell you whether something would clash or not—this entirely depends on the specific devices and services running. Also, asking for tips is considered a little subjective. For your last question, it also depends… as long as you're on the same network, and a device/service can be managed via network, then yes, of course you can! I think it's better to ask a specific question about one problem you're facing.
comment Microsoft account privacy
If you're really curious, you'd have to read the Privacy Statement and all of the linked supplements, specifically this. Of course, as soon as you're using an account with an online provider, it's never as private as a local account, but this isn't quantifiable.
comment I wanna block following apps?
Asking about Android apps is off topic. As for blocking www.facebook.com in your router, and it not working for mobiles, are you sure the mobiles are actually using the WiFi connection and not their data connection? And mobile Facebook usage may use other domains as well.
comment Which hard disk manufacturer provides the longest warranty in Europe?
This may change any time, and wouldn't it be fairly easy to look up the (handful of) vendors on an online retailer's site, then check what they offer?
comment Activity/Time tracking
And you've tried searching for time tracking software? There is plenty available: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_time-tracking_software You haven't specified your operating system either.
comment Mac backup / sync software
Sounds like a big wish list. May want to ask on Software Recommendations
revised How can I google search a defined set of domains/sites for a certain string
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