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I'm a ♦ moderator on Super User and research Quality of Experience for video and multimedia applications. I'm also a software developer with a focus on web stuff.

If you have any questions about moderation, feel free to ping me in the Ask a Super User moderator chat room. For everything else, don't hesitate to write me a mail to slhck at me.com.

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comment Download webpage source HTML without visiting page
What operating system?
comment Reasons for the correlation between the number of hops, the time and the distance of hosts
Well, you'd assume that the more hops you have, the more time it takes? I don't understand what the exact question is. Super User is not the place to get answers to homework assignment, unless you have a very specific question about something you don't understand, and explain what you've already tried as a solution.
answered Unhide folder from hidden in osx
comment Best possible configuration for PC for 1000$
If you want, you can ask this on Super User Chat
comment Are there any policy security reverse proxy servers?
We don't migrate questions to SR as it's still in beta (cc @heavyd). To be honest, it would help if you wrote this in plain English. Non-native speakers might have a hard time understanding this. I would say that this question can remain open provided you rewrite this post and clearly states which problem needs to be tackled and what has been done to solve it.
answered How do I change the Google search domain in Chrome's New Tab page?
asked How do I change the Google search domain in Chrome's New Tab page?
comment Video editor for image overlay on video
You will find many free video editors online, here's a list: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…
comment Install windows back on laptop
Take this discussion to Super User Chat, please. Comments are not meant for extended talks.
answered 10.8 Is there a way to jump to the top or bottom of current page when viewing a PDF in Preview?
comment Epub not opening and giving error
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about a problem with an application for Android that is not publicly available. Consider reporting this problem with the institute that supplies the app.
comment Cannot Merge Multiple layers in MySQL
What diagram are you talking about? What software?
comment Is Skype a valid solution in a corporate environment?
This is more of a discussion rather than something that can be based on facts. Also, Super User does not deal with issues specific to corporate IT. You may want to check Server Fault for that, however they might be missing an actual answerable question in your post.
comment Unable to run tmux on OS X
Does the brew command work? What's the output of echo $PATH? Please edit the question and include that info.
comment Problems with pdf in stackedit.io
You should report this bug with the developers: github.com/benweet/stackedit/issues
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revised How do you remove MacPorts and all the packages it has installed?
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comment How do you remove MacPorts and all the packages it has installed?
@Chet Unless you put something there, no. /opt/ does not even exist in a default OS X installation, so you can safely remove it.
revised Can't get DVD to play
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comment How do you remove MacPorts and all the packages it has installed?
@Chet The above commands will remove said directory.