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I'm a ♦ moderator on Super User and research Quality of Experience for video and multimedia applications. I'm also a software developer with a focus on web stuff.

If you have any questions about moderation, feel free to ping me in the Ask a Super User moderator chat room. For everything else, don't hesitate to write me a mail to slhck at me.com.

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comment Way to learn Excel without buying it
products.office.com/en-us/try — "Sign up using a Microsoft account. Credit card required. First month free. Your credit card will be automatically billed after the first month. "
comment Can't install Brew formulae correctly (Permission denied in /usr/local/lib)
What does this mean? Do you want to overwrite git with wget, or…?
comment How to copy hidden (starting with a dot) files and subdirectories in linux?
This breaks if files have whitespace or special characters in their name or path.
comment Pass absolute file path to --args option of open command OSX
I would guess this fails with whitespace on the path
comment How can I remove apps from Launchpad in OS X Yosemite?
Right, but you would also be fine with using a management app if there was one? That was the point of my question.. I just wasn't sure why you would want Terminal only.
comment Error in HTTP dynamic streaming: TypeError - Error #1009
Ah, please don't cross-post questions on multiple sites. You've already posted this on Stack Overflow, so closing here.
comment How to reduce audio bit-rate in mp3 format through FFMPEG
Please clarify this question. First, the ar option sets the sampling rate, which only has an indirect effect on the bitrate. Second, what error do you get? Please show the complete, uncut command line output. Also it'd be good to know why you need to reduce the bitrate of the audio, and why you would want a sampling rate of 8 kHz. This will usually result in very bad quality.
comment Error installing Yosemite on 512GB SSD in my 2010 Macbook
Ok, since the OP in the other questions said that they reinstalled and anyway cannot reproduce the issue, I reversed the duplicate direction.
comment Remove the last 15 characters from multiple filenames using batch
Welcome to Super User! We're generally not a "write a script for me" service, so please show us what you have already tried and where you got stuck.
comment find all IDs and CLASSes used in an HTML document in BASH
comment How can I remove apps from Launchpad in OS X Yosemite?
Why no management app? You know any that does this?
comment How to export mail with preserving his structure
What client do you use? And you know that most clients only group this based on the subject and some heuristics as to what they think belongs together?
comment Can a 7 days full 100% CPU load “burn-in” / “stress test” damage a modern notebook?
Right, comments have been cleaned up. Obviously this topic generates a lot of discussion, which is all nice, but really not suited for this Q&A format. We have a nice Super User Chat for that as well.
comment Downgrade from Yosemite to Mavericks
Great. You should post your solution as an answer, maybe with some specific steps! :)
comment How to copy Unix file path in OS X Yosemite
Yeah, it's a little inconvenient. I don't use this Mac for "production" anymore, but I keep discovering minor changes that makes it feel like I should've stayed with 10.9 for a little longer.
comment OSX Yosemite - too many files open
Hm. Probably shouldn't be spawning so much? Perhaps also worth raising a bug with the devs of that gem.
comment How to copy Unix file path in OS X Yosemite
I already mentioned that in my answer. The problem is that the OP doesn't want an escaped path, I guess.
comment How to copy Unix file path in OS X Yosemite
@MaDu_LK Check out my update.
comment How to copy Unix file path in OS X Yosemite
Can you explain what you mean by "random forward slashes"? When you drag the file to a Terminal window, and the file has spaces in it (or other special characters), those will be escaped for the shell with backslashes, e.g. foo bar will be converted to foo\ bar.
comment new hard drive prev had vista want windows 7 or 8
Where does that hard drive come from?