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comment Is BCCing e-mails guaranteed to be reliable?
Great answer. Even if stripping of BCC information is 100% reliable, the human factor BCCed recipients hit "Reply All" is not guaranteed reliable. I concur with forward the message from your Sent folder especially for non-tech savvy BCCed recipients such as CEOs.
comment Is BCCing e-mails guaranteed to be reliable?
Great answer specifically addressing "no-one of recipients will ever see e-mails [addresses] in BCC". You can test what your first MTA do with BCC headers by sending email to an email reply-bot that returns headers of your email.
comment Quickest way to reduce ~400 images to .05% of original size
Yes, Irfanview would be my choice for this job on Windows machine. The gui interface to specify this batch job makes its slightly easier than using command line.
comment Freeware personal wiki on desktop & mobile using plaintext?
Thanks Jan Willem B. I think your Ema Personal Wiki meets my requirements 1, 2, 3, 4, & 6; but not requirement 5. It's certainly in my list of personal wiki to consider if further development improves it, even though it's shareware. I'm still holding out for a freeware one. ;-)
comment Time logging tool
If your needs are much more than basic task start/stop/timespent, it's true that AutofocusAHK would not really fit your bill. My needs are more of easy/visible timer while doing tasks, and basic task time used report as per (click on the unactioned/done buttons for different views). I've come across other task management software on Windows/WindowsMobile with a bit more extensive time recording features that I could elaborate on, if it's of interest.