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comment Using systemd to start gpg-agent?
@Magnus I think you can do what you want by sourcing .gpg-agent-info from $HOME/.xprofile I use bash as my session command processor (and interactive shell), thus I source my .bashrc from both my .profile and .xprofile files. Then in my .bashrc I have a division: all that should go into the session environment comes first, then I add this test "[[ $- != *i* ]] && return" (no quotes) that detects if it is a non-interactive shell and exits, and all the settings that should go into an interactive environment go at the end of the file.
comment C-Media AC97 Audio Driver update?
I totally missed your question, sorry. In windows, you access the device manager and look the properties of your sound driver there. For example in Windows XP (what I have at hand at the moment), you open the start menu, right-click on "My Computer", select properties and in the resulting window select the "Hardware" tab. There you click on the "Device Manager" button and you'll find the list of all the install device drivers. The procedure in later versions of Windows is similar.