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As of June 2013 I work for Stack Exchange!

I've been a big fan of Stack Exchange since the start. Literally. I was listening to Joel's podcast when he and Mark would talk about this secret project idea they had, I was excided when they finally said what it was, I was in the secret beta, and I've been a big fan since it went live!

The new hotness: Puppet, Linux (CentOS), Mac OS X, Python.

Old and broken (my knowledge is atrophying due to lack of use): Perl, Solaris, FreeBSD.

System administrator, network engineer, time management guru, speaker, author of 3 books, and generally silly person. I wrote "Time Management for System Administrators" from O'Reilly. I co-wrote "The Practice of System and Network Administration".

I work at StackExchange, owner of ServerFault and StackOverflow, but I do not speak for them.

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comment Why does chromium open 5 differents chrome.exe processes when starting?
To be clear why this is a good thing: Each process runs in in a way that is isolated so that if something bad happens, only that process is affected. That is, if someone discovers a security hole triggered by (for example) sending funny HTML, only that renderer will be affected and it can't affect the other processes, and most likely can't escape to attack your computer. Also, it provides crash protection. If there is a bug and one renderer or plugin dies, Chrome can kill that one thing; which is better than having to kill all the windows.
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