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Please answer these questions of mine -

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Need help? Have some questions that I may answer?
Is nobody answering your question? If you feel I may be able to answer any of your questions, mail me the link of your question. My mail ID is sandeepan (dot) nits (at) google's mail.

I like trying to answer those questions which are generally skipped by many highly reputated guys here lol. Sometimes they skip them because they don't have time to read long questions. I like attempting such questions and I think that could be my trick to earn reputation.

I am also active in many SE sites like programmers.SE, gaming.SE, onstartups.SE, etc. Send me questions!!

About me
I am a Software Developer/Designer from India. Here is my Brief Résumé on Stackoverflow Careers. Contact me at sandeepan (dot) nits (at) google's mail.

Other than programming I have deep interests in Human Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Social work and Scientific Research. While younger I had deep interests in Genetics, Astronomy etc.

I love computer games, especially FPS games on multi-player, cricket, music, racing and adventure.

I am a 24 years old guy and as time is passing by, I am gradually coming to realize that there are so many things to see and do in this beautiful world. I am afraid that a few years down the line I will repent over so many things I wished to do but could not do. However, I have started serious planning for all this.

I don't think it is necessary to grow old to gain experience, wealth and power. Well, don't get me wrong, wealth and power are not the only things I am after but these are needed to do great things, at least they make things easier.

comment Running software on linux through Wine
it executes the program as if it were in a windows environment
comment convert .dbx (outlook express) mail files to a mbox format (for thunderbird) w/o Windows?
@g19fanatic: +1 - I too need such a solution. I want to convert .dbx files to .pst format on a linux system. Do you know anything that works for sure? You may check my question stackoverflow.com/questions/4780870/…
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comment Gmail: How to forward/export all my existing mails to another mail account?
Ok here is a related question webapps.stackexchange.com/questions/347/…
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asked Gmail: How to forward/export all my existing mails to another mail account?