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Experienced software engineer, passionate about OO patterns, tidy modular code, understanding the various tensions and contradictions that are involved in navigating life as a developer, and delivering superior quality results.

Most of my current professional development is currently involves Java and Rails. Previously I was working mostly in C# and still think it's a great language.

comment Is there a tool to copy a folder using shadow copy?
I would have down voted this, but I don't have the reputation - diskshadow is not actually a part of Windows 7, it's introduced in Windows 8 - technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc772172.aspx. For Windows 7, you'll need to use vssadmin, which exposes the same functionality in a less convenient fashion.
comment Tool for deleting directories with path/names too long for normal delete
It is possible to have directories that this solution won't work for, that 7-Zip can delete. I just had this happen to me.
comment How do I keep my bash history across sessions?
I just found I had exactly the same problem with .bash_history owned by root. I wish I'd realized before I'd lost all my lovely history, but nevermind :-)
comment tar – extract discarding directory structure
--strip just made my day. Thanks!
comment Take a high resolution screenshot of a website
Screengrab is End Of Life unfortunately - the author can't keep up with the pace of Firefox change.
comment Take a high resolution screenshot of a website
Abduction doesn't work - it doesn't respect your zoom, and captures the page at original size. Don't know about CaptureIt!, I can't find it.
comment Make Google chrome with specific user profile as default browser
I'd love an answer for this - it's extremely annoying that any links I open from external programs don't open with my custom profile.
comment Use same Ubuntu install in physical or virtual machine
When I get around to this (it'll be a wee while), I'll start with playing around with coLinux, and then if I don't get good results with that, will go with VirtualBox. I didn't realise the non-OSE edition was also free-as-in-beer, thanks. The idea of having separate installs so one is performance tweaked is interesting - I'd prefer to have a single install, which I'll have set up somehow to have different sets of daemons for normal and performance use, and two different window managers. You've all given me great pointers, cheers.