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comment Is it possible to disable the “scan and fix” message when inserting an SD Card?
+1: I had the same problem on my USB drive and this solution worked for me also, even though chkdsk E: /f returned Windows has checked the file system and found no problems..
comment Keyboard entry using Office Equations Editor
Also, you might note that the editor will automatically convert the equation as you go: typing \pi r^2 will turn into to πr² as soon as you've typed a space at the end or done something similar to tell the editor you're done typing.
comment Word: Disable spell checker for a paragraph?
The EN-US localization of the text surrounded by red boxes in the screenshot: "English (U.S.)" and "Do not check spelling or grammar".
comment Inserting a (jpg) picture into a cell in Microsoft Excel 2007
This seems like something that could be done with VBA (apparently robihot agrees, having tagged the question with the vba tag). Does anyone know enough about VBA to know whether it is possible?
comment Make a middle clicked link open in a new tab to the immediate right of the tab which contained the link
[Ctrl + Click] Also works this way. Note that this does not apply to new tabs opened through ways such as [Ctrl + t], the "Open a new tab" toolbar button, or typing in the location or search bar and pressing [Alt + Enter].
comment In Firefox, how to make middle click be exactly identical to Ctrl+Click?
The #IfWinActive directive "switches off" the hotkeys and hotstrings listed after it unless the described window is active. Using #IfWinActive without any parameters on the rest of the line returns behavior to normal for the hotkeys and hotstrings listed afterward.
comment Firefox (on windows) constantly consuming 10% CPU - is there an add-in to find the rogue tab?
Google Chrome separates tabs into separate processes, just like you described. Firefox doesn't do this because its developers view the trade off as too costly. You could try to identify it by opening the exact same set of tabs in Chrome (but a page that's problematic in Firefox won't necessarily be that way in Chrome). See also Firefox Support: Firefox consumes a lot of CPU resources.
comment Offline productivity
You'd probably find the Read It Later extension for Firefox helpful, since it has a function to save things for offline. It doesn't quite solve any of your listed needs, though.
comment How do I stop Excel from adding double quotes to my formula?
@wilson, please enter that as an answer. Thanks!
comment Pomodoro timer for linux
The Timer Applet's presets would work really well for the Pomodoro method.
comment Outlook 2007 very slow since yesterday
Could you add the date of "yesterday", please? (It appears that date is Wednesday, December 15, 2010.) Otherwise, readers will have to try to figure out the day you asked this question, which may or may not be possible in the future. Thank you!
comment Boot linux off hard drive and then switch to run from usb flash disk
It sounds a bit like you're trying to get a similar benefit that you'd get out of booting from an SSD. I've heard of huge speed boosts when running the operating system from the SSD.
comment Cannot properly format pendrive on Ubuntu 10.10
+1 for including a screenshot; that really helps us understand what's going on.
comment Microsoft Office or Visual Basic for Ubuntu
By saying "Visual Basic", are you referring to VBA?
comment Where can I buy Ubuntu and how much does it cost?
@Michel: FYI, there is an official Stack Exchange site for Ubuntu, which can be found at AskUbuntu.com. You'll probably find that site helpful for answering any questions you may have when getting started with Ubuntu.
comment Notepad++ Display Printing Page Count
This approach is also very useful as a print preview for Notepad++ to see if the line wrapping will do anything strange.
comment How to change office shortcuts?
Could you put more information than just the link? A summary would be nice.
comment Is there a way to tell which cells reference a selected cell in Excel?
Also note that it does not work for cells on another worksheet that refer to the selected cell.
comment Automatic hyperlink in Excel
It's kind of hard to tell what's being asked, but I've done my best to answer the question. Please let me know if that's not what you're looking for.
comment Sync a Palm Centro with a bad screen?
@JoelFan: Actually, I don't think you need to do any interaction even if it's with a new computer, because all you'll need to do is start the sync up at the times that the Palm Desktop installer tells you to.