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comment Forcing group and permissions for created file inside folder?
can't you get the subdirectories with chmod -R g+s /var/www? Doesn't seem like you should need the find command.
comment linux crontab issue
Can you disable local mail? Generally if you "su root" you can run mailx/mail/mutt and see cron emails. They just won't go to another machine (Ex: your gmail account) without extra configuration.
comment How to tab completion when typing command in tmux?
How is shell related? When you type Ctrl+B,: in tmux, you're given a tmux command prompt (just like when you type : in VIM, you're not given a bash prompt.) This is a tmux question, not a shell question.
comment How to tab completion when typing command in tmux?
I saved this script and sourced it from my .bashrc. I started tmux and hit "Ctrl+B, :" and then typed "detach-" and hit tab a bunch. Nothing. I added a c so it sayd "detach-c" and hit tab, it completed to "detach-client". This is the exact same behavior I experienced before the script. Nothing seems to have changed.
comment Extract ISO file as non-root on CLI
7za doesn't seem to extract ISOs. But the OR is not for installing software, it's for mounting the ISO as a loopback device. Basically, if he can't find software that'll do it, or write software that'll do it, you can mount loopback with the admins help.